RFID applications in the maternal recognition

In addition to the mentioned applications of RFID products, wristbands can also be applied to many other aspects of the hospital, e.g. on maternal and child identification.

Newborn children possess the similar challenge to lack of understanding and ability to express which can lead in the worst case to errors in the identification. Mother and baby are a match and the separate management of this issue with RFID technology such as access control systems, wrist strap and handheld reader, which are applicable in preventing babies from baby theft.

Ongoing improvement in the health care system automatically indicates a significant growth in the flow of information. In order to facilitate these masses of information about medical treatment and increasing medical services, HIS (Hospital Information Systems) are being used.

As a fact, current HIS systems can’t solve every single problem, e.g. in the event of an unexpected incident. Doctors and nurses must focus on timely rescue of patients and have to be specialized in each case as well as accessing a patient’s medical history and drug allergies, etc. Time management is undoubtedly a crucial ingredient.

Using RFID systems in hospitals, many challenging problems can be solved if each patient wears an RFID smart wristband. Saving a patient’s information on these wristbands, RFID technology ensures accessible data about the patients’ health condition at any time and more detailed information on the RFID tags can be electronically coded and correspond to the database.

However, data can be read and written on the tag easily. For instance, whether the patient is allergic to particular drugs, the medicine given or which meal the patient has been served today. The provided information improves the hospital management enormously and RFID technology can completely replace the existing bedside patient information card.

By improving the medical management, our products eliminate the chance of medical malpractice and wrong recognition of a patient. Exact identity of the patient and consistent medical history and records remain the core task when it comes to extinguish the chance of transposing or losing a patients information. By using the specially designed wristbands (smart-Wrist), access to personal identification is guaranteed. We highly recommend the hospital staff to wear a RFID based badge as well in order to manage all the patients and make sure in case of an emergency the doctor can be at the right place at the right time.

Advantages of RFID

• Doctor or nurse can help patients in case of communication difficulties e.g. for identity confirmation

• Monitoring, tracking unauthorized access wandering the area

• In the event of medical emergency, epidemics, terrorist threats and other circumstances, RFID can contribute to the implementation of restrictions to prevent unauthorized medical staff and patients outside the hospital

• Wristbands allow hospital administrator to encrypt some data in case the wristband is lost, it can’t be deciphered.