Because of the fast growth of industry rapid development of technology and pressure of global competition, improving operation efficiency and lowering operation cost have become the top priority for each major telecom service providers in China.

Using RFID technology as the link between physical assets and digital IT system, ZEYANRFID Asset Management System efficiently integrates daily movement of asset with asset management system to keep synchronization between real asset and its information in the management system.

System Components

◇RFID Reader
◇Portable RFID Reader
◇Tag Issuer & Software
◇GIS Asset Management Aux-system Based on RFID Technology and RFID Middleware


Asset management includes :

◇Addition of Assert
◇Asset Flitting
◇Asset Maintenance
◇Discard of Asset

Advantages of the system:

◇The System has the feature of fast and long distance identification high secured and reliable expandable and maneuverable. It can also function independently without relying on other systems.

◇The System builds a reliable and secure asset profile improves asset monitor level using high technology to decrease asset idleness and prevent asset leak.

◇Based on the practical circumstance of the Customer the System solves the problems in its asset management of disorder and lack of real-time measure from technology stand. It provides an advanced digital platform to automatically identify and intelligently manage assets vastly improves the Customer’s level of dynamic managing internal assets in real-time.

◇Fully utilize the automatic information collection function of RFID and wireless remote data transmission function of GPRS to synchronize asset change with database and employ SMS prompting function to enable remote monitoring and record of local operation so management can have a real time understanding of asset status.

◇System can automatically judge asset status (addition flitting idleness etc) from information collected from all station and area RFID Readers. End user can account and inquire asset data using GIS interface via Internet browser.