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RF EAS Tag paper thin soft /optical tag/glass label

RF EAS paper thin soft /optical tag/glass label


Product Description

Etched antenna Inlay 

Products  Parameter
Antenna size(MD x TD) 40 x 40mm
Resonance Frequency 8.2MHz(±5%)
Quality Factor Q≥70
Effective Volume 1.8 Liter
Core size 76.2mm
Quantity per roll


1,000 pcs
Rolls per box


20 rolls
Labels per box 20,000 pcs
Box gross weight 12.2kg
Box Dimension 47×32.5×17.5cm
Quality 100%tested,NG replaced
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  • Quick customized sample providing of 3-7 days, low cost.
  • Shipping Method & Delivery Time: Fastest 8-12 business days by DHL,UPS,FedEx,EMS and so on couriers or sea-cargo air-cargo appointed from the customer.


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