Our head factory with advanced equipments is based in Shenzhen, taking up 4000 m2, having branch factories in Dongguan city, Fujian, and Hunan Provinces and etc.

Since its establishment, the achievement of Shanghai ZEYANRFID Technology Co., Ltd has been in the ascendant. We have our own strong R & D team, unique fabrication process, advanced card fabrication equipment, sophisticated and diverse smart card. With these fine conditions, the quality of our smart card products is second to none, so that our smart card products come out on top in the majority of the smart card market, leading to future.

We have a number of printing staff with superb printing technology. Our printed products are with bright color, accurate color, and less aberration, not easy to fade, difficult to damage, and permanent color maintenance.


ZEYANRFID Factory Equipment

The company has more than one antenna implanted machine, automatic version machines, professional plate burning machines, bronzing machines, auto-mounted magnetic machines, automatic red card machine, inkjet printers, slotters, IC packaging machines, automatic chip-paste machines, code-flattening machines, code-injecting machines, laser code machines, and more than 200 employees is our strong guarantee for our shipping efficiency.

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